How To Decorate Your Home Like Joanna Gaines

How To Decorate Your Home Like Joanna Gaines

Photo Credit: Pexels CC by 4.0

Go & visit home decorating stores - even if you can't afford to shop at the best stores, go there to see what it's all about. Don't slavishly follow everything, but develop your sense of what looks good.

All you need to do is keep thinning things out – keep at it. Home Decorating & creating the Home of your dreams is definitely a work-in-progress.

Ten easy tips on how to get the Joanna Gaines fixer upper look in your own home. Get the look on a budget …most of our stuff we made, found on Craigslist or …

Give it some life. It’s important that you have fun & experiment. Allow yourself the freedom. A dramatic splash of red or vibrant purple can make a real statement!.

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